There is a God! by Richard Smith, Maureen McElheron (ePUB)

There is a God!: 1001 Heartwarming (and Hilarious) Reasons to Believe by Richard Smith, Maureen McElheron
English | 2014 | Non-Fiction, Religion | 9.4 MB

This funny, tender, and inspiring little book offers 1,001 reminders for the faithful—and for doubters, too.
“There is a God!” Who hasn’t uttered these words in response to life’s true miracles? A glorious sunset. Watching your toddler take her first wobbly steps. And that supreme blessing: a hospital gown that closes all the way. In this book, New York Times–bestselling author Richard Smith and Maureen McElheron identify 1,001 miracles that prove that there is in fact a God, including:
– Watching your little girl struggle with an ice-cream cone that appears bigger than she is
– Fireflies on a June night
– Knowing that your ability to explain the difference between hollandaise sauce and bechamel impresses the hell out of your date
There Is a God! will remind you of all the many things that make life wonderful.

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