There is a Land by Ted Oswald (ePUB)

There is a Land by Ted Oswald (A Libète Limyè Mystery #2)
English | Historical Mystery | EPUB | 475 Kb

In Ted Oswald’s Because We Are, ten-year-old Haitian orphan Libète and her best friend, Jak, embarked upon solving a profound mystery that changed them forever. Now, in There is a Land, Libète must flee her home and all she knows, carrying a deadly secret she does not understand but cannot dare force upon another.
Whisking between her beloved Cité Soleil, the color-splashed seaside town of Jacmel, and the desolate mountain ranges of northern Haiti, her life and those of friends old and new depend on her blending in and assuming a new identity. A spectacular mystery that builds to a startling climax, There is a Land speaks to the powerful bonds that give us hope to strive for a better world.

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