Thief of Mind by Ben Thomas

Thief of Mind by Ben Thomas
English | 2019 | General Fiction | ePUB | 940 KB

Toby had it all. The looks, the popularity, a promising rugby career ahead of him. Until he came into his life.
Now, every day, Toby walks a tightrope. One wrong thought, one misplaced deed, and he risks the lives of anyone he allows too close. Yet no one knows his torment; no one sees his prison; no one knows the steps he takes to keep them safe.

No one, that is, except Him… When Toby attends a school reunion, he realises just how little he has made of his life and decides that now is the time to build a life for himself and rekindle the hope and promise he once had. To do this, he must confront his own prejudices and fears. He must be prepared to reach out for help. He must find the courage to face Him. The novel is a compelling, emotional and humorous account of how mental illness can affect anyone and is too often a private battle that goes unnoticed. Ultimately it is a story of hope and inspiration as Toby learns to live again.

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