Those Who Broke the Boy by Richard Hathway

Those Who Broke the Boy by Richard Hathway
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 191 KB

“Doctor Morris, I’m sorry I cannot come to our session today. I am in the hospital wing, having contracted food poisoning yesterday. I hope this will keep you entertained in my absence.
You asked me a long time ago to think about why I felt broken and who had broken me. I chose not to answer you in pieces, communication is difficult without a tongue, but have taken my time to explain it all here. Perhaps reading this will relieve some of the frustration you feel at my silence over the years.”
Summer 1985. An eleven-year old boy with a fractured mind witnesses the murder of a black girl. As she is dragged from the window of the big house she screams “The Sons of Charlemagne!” There are no black people in Ian’s leafy suburb of Bristol so who was she? Who is the man on the driveway? Who are The Sons of Charlemagne? When the crime is covered up Ian decides to investigate.
Ian finds help from Sally, a librarian from New Orleans. They begin to piece together a conspiracy that reaches back through history. Are they strong enough to avenge the murdered girl and bring down The Sons of Charlemagne?
The story begins here.

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