Three Miles Out by Jacqueline Druga

Three Miles Out by Jacqueline Druga (Book #1)
English | 2017 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 163 KB

The ultimate biological warfare attack is achieved when a group of American soldiers return home from deployment infected with a highly contagious pathogen. The ground zero incubation period is lengthy, and before it is even known that they are infected, the soldiers have already carried it to various cities across the United States.
The culprit of this weapon is not a country or even a person, but rather nature itself.
Within time, no place in the world is safe.
Typically, after work, Brady Lawrence is content sitting on his couch playing video games, taking care of his mother and watching for disturbing stories on the news. When a particularly gruesome case quarantines the next town over, Brady convinces his best friend, Jason, to go with him and investigate. Their curiosity leads them not only into the thick of things but stuck at the center of ground zero.
In the midst of trying to get out and make it home before the outbreak reaches their families, Brady and Jason soon find themselves on a path to being unlikely heroes in the battle against the infected.
The infection spreads like wildfire and finding a cure or method to beat it seems hopeless.

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