Throne of Dragons by Morgan Rice

Throne of Dragons by Morgan Rice (Age of the Sorcerers #2)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | eBook | 256 KB

In THRONE OF DRAGONS (Age of the Sorcerers—Book Two) King Godwin eBooklizes his army to cross the great bridge and invade the South to rescue his 17 year old daughter, Lenore. But Lenore is imprisoned deep in the South, under the watchful and hateful eye of King Ravin, and she may have to learn to escape herself first if she has any chance of escape.

Her brother Rodry, though, is way ahead of the King’s men, deep in hostile territory, alone on a mission to save his sister—while her other brother, Vars, offers a lesson in cowardice and betrayal. Devin follows Gray, eager to learn more about how to harness his powers and about who he is.

Greave travels to remote regions to find the house of scholars and to try to save his sister, Nerra. But Nerra, sickened by the scale sickness, is dying on a remote isle once touched by dragons. And her only chance of survival may just compel her to risk it all.
And all of this will culminate in an epic battle that may just determine the fate of the two kingdoms.

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