Time to Hide by John Gilstrap (ePUB)

Time to Hide by John Gilstrap (Nick Of Time #2)
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 521 KB

In the second gripping installment of John Gilstrap’s five-part novel, a pair of young lovers take off on a reckless journey—just one step ahead of the law . . .
Nicki Janssen wants to live her life to the fullest—and love her soulmate to the end—no matter how dangerous it is . . .
Brad Ward doesn’t want to go back to prison. He’ll do whatever it takes—lie, steal, or worse—to find a safe haven for him and his precious Nicki . . .
Carter Janssen is desperate to find his daughter before her life is ruined by convicted murderer Brad Ward. But it won’t be easy. The runaways have found the perfect hiding place, a deluxe hotel in Virginia that’s become their own private paradise. But time is running out. The police are closing in. And the manhunt is on . . .

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  1. Can’t download this book. Uplod.it doesn’t work properly anymore.

  2. Thanks for replying but I have downloaded before using Uplod. The #1 box can’t now be unchecked and therein lies the problem. Instruction #3 doesn’t come up. have a try.

  3. I think I’ve got it now! You have to keep trying the #1 box until it is unchecked. Hope that’s it as I love this site.

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