To Be Known by Justin Field

To Be Known by Justin Field
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 432 KB

Your demons know you won’t tell anyone about them.

Edward Doyle, recently laid off and in search of work and direction, returns from the city to his hometown, a tight-knit village in the English countryside, where he is welcomed by the current owners of his childhood cottage. Community. Tradition. Family. Life is perfect here…or is it?

What begins as a pleasant visit soon takes a sinister turn, as Edward realizes that the cottage harbors a dark past. Not only that, but the Suttons—and perhaps even himself—also have secrets buried in their own closets. Some they will battle in their minds. Some they may confront in the flesh…but at what cost?

The more Edward discovers, the more his assumptions are challenged. Secrets cannot stay hidden forever. As the story builds toward its unforgettable, shocking climax, discover which ones are dying to be known…

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