To The Land of the Electric Angel by William Rotsler (ePUB, AZW3)

To The Land of the Electric Angel by William Rotsler
English | Science Fiction, Fantasy | ePUB, AZW3 | 845 KB

Blake Mason had it all…fame, fortune, and women. As an architect he was without equal; the exotic environments he created pulsated with sublime eroticism. But in this world of abundant free sex, Blake Mason craved true love.
Then he found it—with the one woman he could never have. Rio was the lover of mad multibillionare Jean-Michel Voss. They met when Voss came to Blake with a strange request: design a sensuous tomb in which to live, in which to love—and in which to die. What Voss left out was the supposed tomb’s real purpose.
Blake didn’t care about Voss or his secrets. All he cared about was Rio.
And all Rio cared about was Blake—and the debt she owed Voss: a debt that meant she and Blake could have a few mad nights together, after which they would be separated for eternity.
But Blake was willing to sentence himself to an eternity of unknown hells to be with her….
From the Hugo winning and Nebula nominee, William Rotsler, author of Patron of the Arts, and The Exiles of Zandra.

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