Tokyo Noir: The Complete First Season by J. Scott Matthews

Tokyo Noir: The Complete First Season by J. Scott Matthews
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 932 KB

A killer stalks the streets of a near-future Tokyo on the brink
Now, three people on opposite sides of the law find themselves caught up in the blowback from the slayings.
There’s Vasili, the ruthless yakuza boss desperate to conceal a secret so explosive, it could tear the underworld apart and finally loosen his grip on power.
Satoshi, the street soldier forced to question his allegiances when he’s tasked with bringing in his best friend for a fate worse than death.
And Mei, the detective assigned to catch the killer, only to find herself pulled under Vasili’s influence. Caught between a corrupt police force and a crime kingpin determined to lead her astray at every turn, she’ll have to outwit both sides to stop the killer before he strikes again.
Three desperate people who will have to break all their own rules just to stay alive.
And even that may not be enough.

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