Trauma by Dylan Young

Trauma by Dylan Young
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 630 KB

He’s desperate to remember. He’ll wish he could forget. Who do you trust, when you don’t know who you are? Cameron Todd is recovering from a serious brain injury. A trauma suffered the same night his girlfriend Emma plunged to her death from a clifftop.

The damage erases all memory of the incident and his previous life. Both the police and Emma’s relatives are hunting for someone to blame and question whether his amnesia is a convenient fabrication. Desperate to understand what happened that fateful day, self-doubt creeps in when Cameron learns his relationship with Emma might not have been picture-perfect. Is he a victim, or the perpetrator? Can he trust his injured brain’s version of events? Or will unearthing the truth reveal something far more sinister?

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