Truth or Lies by A. Gomez

Truth or Lies by A. Gomez
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 444 KB

Psychologist Dr. Isabel Langley is used to navigating the courts on behalf of children who are testifying against their abusers, but one of the witnesses in her latest case has been murdered.

Due to her connections to the victim, the FBI assigns one of their agents to protect her. Isabel finds herself deeply drawn to the gorgeous Agent Joshua Rockwall, and he in turn is fascinated by her.

Their relationship deepens as the case becomes more complicated. Isabel stumbles across vital information for the FBI investigation and becomes a target for the gang of human traffickers they are searching for. After an attack that puts Joshua in the hospital, Isabel is kidnapped by the gang and must survive until she can escape or the FBI can rescue her. Separated from the man she has come to love, Isabel must rely on her intelligence and emotional strength to endure.

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