Twelve Hours To Destiny by John Glasby (ePUB, MOBI)

Twelve Hours To Destiny by John Glasby
English | 2016 | Mystery, Thriller | 1.2 MB

Chao Lin is a well respected business man in Hong Kong. But he is also a spy for the British Intelligence Service. After gathering as much information from his sources in China he reports back to Britain through a weekly transmission. Steve Carradine also works for the British Intelligence Service and is highly unimpressed when he is recalled from a rare holiday for an urgent mission. When Chao Lin is kidnapped by the Chinese Intelligence Service – the Red Dragon- Carradine is flown out to Hong Kong with little more than Lin’s name as a lead to try and rescue him. The only other British spy in Hong Kong, Kellaway, is there to meet Carradine and help him with his investigation. It is clear that Lin will have been taken to mainland China and the only way Carradine will succeed is to find a way to get there. But when Carradine is forced to escape three murder attempts in Hong Kong, it becomes obvious that someone is leaking information to the Red Dragon. Carradine knows that in Lin’s last transmission he talked of a huge secret that posed a threat to the world.
Time is running out.

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