Twice No One Dies by A K Jenkins

Twice No One Dies by A K Jenkins
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 253 KB

West Africa, 2004. In Togo, Africa’s longest serving dictator is determined to hang on to power. Marius, amateur philosopher and jazz enthusiast, has almost forgotten his former life as intelligence officer. He would much prefer to stay out of politics and drink a few beers at Le Jazz Spot, especially when his friend Louis plays trumpet.
But late one night Louis is found hacked to death on a lonely beach near Lomé. Could it be a drug deal gone wrong as the gendarmerie claim?
Marius and his friends know that can’t be true. Against his better judgment, Marius determines to find the real killer and clear Louis’ name. With the help of friends he gradually pieces together Louis’ last hours and it’s then Marius realizes that someone is trying to stop them at all costs. Someone who wields power in the tangled politics of Togo.
Finding Louis’ killer becomes a race against time as Marius has to draw on all his cunning and experience to stay one step ahead.

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