Typhoon Ace by Russell Sullman

Typhoon Ace by Russell Sullman (Harry Rose #3)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 382 KB

It is late 1942, and England is under constant attack from the Luftwaffe.
Bored with his desk job, Flight Lieutenant Harry ‘Flash’ Rose is persuaded by his dear friend Daniel ‘Granny’ Smith to re-join Excalibur Squadron, now flying Hawker Typhoons in the defence of the south coast of England. His success rate is extraordinary, but there is much more to Rose’s story than combat.

Separated from his wife and child, Rose throws all of his energies into airborne battles with the enemy, content to focus on the job until his family is reunited. That is, until he meets another just as weary and alone…
At last, as the Luftwaffe turn their focus to the east, it seems that Rose may have some respite. But will he live to make it home?

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