Ulterior Objectives by Scott Dennis Parker (ePUB, MOBI)

Ulterior Objectives: A Lillian Saxton Thriller by Scott Dennis Parker
English | 2016 | Thriller | 1.12 MB

What if the only way you could discover who killed your brother was to lie to your commanding officer?
May 1940. Western Europe is on edge, wondering when the Nazis will strike. America is neutral, woefully unprepared for war, and President Roosevelt tries to steer the dicey waters of intertenatinal diplomacy and keep the United States out of the conflict. It is in this environment when Sergeant Lillian Saxton, US Army, receives a cryptic message from an old flame who now lives in Germany: meet in Belgium and he’ll not only give her the key to the Nazi codebooks but also information about the man who murdered her brother.
Lillian conducts all her missions with panache and confidence, even when bullets start to fly and enemy agents zero in to kill her. She’s more uncertain of how she’ll react when she sees the man who broke her heart or how she’ll get out of Belgium when the Nazis launch their invasion.

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