Unwelcome Protector by Alexa Wallace

Unwelcome Protector by Alexa Wallace
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 179 KB

Crime, revenge, madness and romance (without the soft edges). When mathematician Ada Byron finds herself embroiled in an international conspiracy to hack software code at a Blue Mountains satellite facility, she plans a risky escape to Sydney with a copy of the code to show the authorities. Daring TV journalist Alex Marlowe, chasing the biggest story of his career, rescues her from capture and becomes the protector Ada needs but doesn’t want. Her ruthless corporate boss and brilliant engineer, Zina Stone, kidnaps Ada’s beloved grandfather to force her to return the code. Alex, by now much more than a protector, joins with Ada to rescue him. From the heights of Vaucluse to the hidden train tunnels of subterranean Sydney, Ada and Alex stand as partners against Zina’s cold security chief Twist and hired killer Tursunov to finally defeat Zina in the deep and dangerous waters of Sydney Harbour.

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