Vengeance Blind by Anna Willett

Vengeance Blind by Anna Willett
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 523 KB

Cruelly imprisoned in her own home, a successful novelist must use all of her imagination to stay alive.
Recovering from a road accident that has left her half-blind and in a wheelchair, Belle Hammer is alone in her secluded house set in a sprawling ten-acre plot, deep in the forests beyond Perth, Australia.
Her husband having left on a work trip, and living miles away from urban centres, Belle has only a few neighbours. And one of them, the creepy retired lecturer Arthur Howell, she doesn’t trust one bit .

Was it Howell who was seen in the grounds of her house? Did he make the noise she hears in the inaccessible first floor of her home?

Unable to travel, Belle is cut off from the world. Her only hope is the home care assistant her husband arranged for her.
But all is not as it seems. Left to the mercy of a woman she increasingly fears, Belle’s world starts to close in on her.
It will take all of her wits and courage to understand why she is being victimised and survive the ensuing ordeal. If she does.

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