Venom by Heather Atkinson

Venom by Heather Atkinson
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 401 KB

Venom AKA Jules Parker – one of the top assassins in Manchester – is fighting to keep alive the one percent motorcycle club she belongs to. Jasper, one of the co-presidents and her long term boyfriend has made some bad business decisions and their club is suffering, his disturbed behaviour leading them all down a dark, twisted path.

When she’s given a contract by the most powerful gangland boss in the city to eliminate someone important to her, Venom is faced with a quandary – carry out the contract and keep her own life or refuse it and in turn, be killed. She is also hired to hunt down the killer of the daughter of a local underworld figure, all the while her long-term affair with her boyfriend’s best friend flourishing into something more.
Venom finds herself caught up in a deadly game played by the most dangerous people in the city and only her formidable skills can keep her alive.

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