Vis-Ability by Vicki L Griggs

Vis-Ability: Raising Awareness of Vision Impairment by Vicki L Griggs
English | 2020 | Biography | ePUB | 3.5 MB

Meet Vicki. Diagnosed with a rare eye condition aged four, she embarked on a rollercoaster journey of life with a disability.

Vis-Ability introduces readers to Vicki in her early years. Following her diagnosis, readers witness her heartbreaking decision to have a prosthetic eye fitted at the tender age of thirteen. As her story continues, Vicki faces further problems with her remaining eye, dealing with chronic pain and a rare genetic eye disease.

Describing the difficulties that she encountered at school and as she entered adulthood, Vis-Ability strives to raise awareness of vision impairment. The book contains advice on how to deal with a visual disability, as well as the variety of options on offer to those who are visually impaired. It is a story of positivity in the face of adversity and making the most of every opportunity.

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