Voices In The Walls by John Ellsworth (ePUB, MOBI, AZW3)

Voices In The Walls by John Ellsworth
English | 2016 | Psychological Thriller | 1.3 MB

This is the story of Leonard and Alicia Kennedy, two Chicago lawyers with two children and a comfortable, middle-class lifestyle.
One day, Alicia is driving through Mississippi River bluffs when a car veers into her lane head-on. Down a ravine she tumbles, coming to rest unconscious. She remembers nothing when she comes out of her coma. Her identity cannot be traced. The police and hospital put her picture in the paper and a man comes forward and claims her as his wife. She is finally released from hospital care and the man takes her home, where he tells her she’s lived for many years.
She looks for her past–dental records, diary, old friends–all lead down the same secret path.
She becomes fearful and is placed in a situation where only her husband can save her.
But will the man who says he is her husband save her? Or will the life insurance policy he has taken out on her be collected after she’s dead?
And the voices. Who is trying to help her?

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  1. fabulous much appreciated 🙂

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