Void Ship by Dave Bara

Void Ship by Dave Bara (The Void #1)
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 375 KB

A dark Void of dead space…
One empire consumed, two other’s survival hanging in the balance…

Ambassador Tam Renwick of the Terran Unity carries the critical Treaty of Pentauri back to the Raelen Empire’s home world of Raellos. Without the treaty both empires might die, consumed by the Void. But before Renwick can complete his mission, the Unity cruiser Phaeton is ambushed and Renwick and his crew flee out of control – and into the Void.
Unexpectedly they are rescued by the “Void Ship” Kali, an alien vessel completely run by androids with a holographic Captain whose human body disappeared over 300 years ago. Together with the crew of the Kali Renwick must rescue his abducted friends, forge new alliances within the Void itself, and stop a war from breaking out with an alien force that has used the Void as a weapon to conquer all of humanity!

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