War by JC Andrijeski

War by JC Andrijeski (Bridge & Sword Series #6)
English | 2017 | Fantasy | ePUB | 598 KB

“Hers shines the brightest, in the very darkest of times…”
Allie Taylor returns to New York, her friends beat up and bedraggled and the world crashing down around their heads. Shadow’s deadly disease now blankets the planet and everything points towards the apocalypse, with earthquakes, crazy storms, and New York now a military-run lockdown guarded by rich humans.
To top it off, Allie’s partner, Revik, is acting strange and won’t tell her why, even though everyone else already seems to know what’s going on with him.
Then Ditrini, the lead infiltrator of the Lao Hu, tells Allie Shadow is coming for her next. This time, he brings his new pet intermediary, War, the fourth of the Four, who will help Shadow bring the end of human race for good––and Allie along with it.

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