What Mummy Makes by Rebecca Wilson

What Mummy Makes: Cook just once for you and your baby by Rebecca Wilson
English | 2020 | Food & Cooking | eBook | 160 MB

130+ simple recipes for weaning your baby with the foods you and your family love to eat too!

Let Rebecca Wilson, the mummy behind @whatmummymakes, show you how to cook simple, healthy, and delicious meals to wean your baby, while also feeding the rest of the family. Organized by type of meal, you’ll be able to whip up breakfasts, lunches, and main meals for everyone to enjoy in 10, 15, and 30 minutes.

Rebecca’s recipes are fresh, accessible, nutritious, and most importantly made with the whole family in mind – which marks this book out from others in the field. Her philosophy is that parents can wean their babies by eating alongside them, adapting grown-up food for babies. Apart from the numerous joys and benefits of sharing family meals, her vision offers the perfect chance for adults to rethink how they eat, too. Rather than putting baby first and opting for fast, unhealthy options themselves, every parent is encouraged to share in nutritious and delicious meals as they introduce their little ones to new foods for the first time.

Alongside the recipes, there are a number of features and tips for making life that little bit easier, from learning how to freeze your food to ingredients you should avoid and nutritional food profiles. Every recipe is suitable for babies from 6 months and is nutritionist approved.

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