Who is Alice? by Miranda Manning (ePUB)

Who is Alice? by Miranda Manning
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.12 MB

She is alone and homeless, he is wealthy and powerful, why is he desperate to erase their past?
When Alice arrives home from the school run with her two children to find herself locked out of her apartment, she doesn’t realise at first that she is also locked out of her life. The man she loves is in line for the top job in the country, and a secret mistress and two daughters are not part of the plan. Alice finds herself plunged into a situation that is alien to her and for which she is completely unprepared.
Forced to accept the hospitality of her streetwise neighbour Cassandra, she is introduced to Nicola, a social worker, and Eliza and Hugo, a couple with their own sad past, who take vulnerable women into their home and help them to get their lives together.
Together they set about getting Alice and her girls what is their due. However, they haven’t reckoned on doing battle with a complicated legal system, organised crime, even death threats. With such powerful forces ranged against them, can there be any justice for Alice?

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