Who Saw Him Die? by J.M. Gregson (ePUB)

Who Saw Him Die? by J.M. Gregson
English | Reissue 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | 313 KB

Tom Harrison has been a widower for seven years now…
He still lives in his old family home along with his son, Trevor, daughter-in-law, Ros, and their two small children. Of his four housemates, Tom only really gets on with his grandchildren; his relationship with Trevor is difficult, lacking the easy camaraderie and bantering nature of his relationship with his only daughter, who resides in New Zealand. Despite this, it has never occurred to Tom to find other living arrangements — Trevor is still family, and after all the two of them own the house together.
But Trevor, a social worker, helps give ex-prisoners a new start in life by housing them at the large mansion, allowing them to do odd jobs around the house, and encouraging them to go out and build new careers.
This state of affairs is not one particularly pleasing to Tom, who is unsure whether he and his grandchildren ought to be living with a family that includes con men, armed robbers, and murderers.
When Trevor unfolds plans to extend the property create more rooms for additional ex-cons, Tom is furious — it’s bad enough with the men who are already there, but to add even more is, to him, entirely unacceptable.
Refusing to consider Trevor’s plans or modify his views, he declares his intention to sell the house…an action that threatens not only each person living there, but the entire programme Trevor is so proud of.
An untimely death disrupts the household far more immediately than Tom’s plans of selling — and when the CID arrive, they make no secret of their suspicions of the ex-prisoners in residence.
As their enquiries proceed, DI Peach begins to uncover secrets both surprising and shocking. Life will never again be the same for the Harrison family. Anyone might be guilty of murder. The real question: who saw him die?

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