Wicked Leaks by Matt Bendoris (ePUB, MOBI)

Wicked Leaks by Matt Bendoris
English | 2016 | Crime Thriller | 2.5 MB

A paranoid patient. A nurse running for her life. Secrets that can destroy a nation. Mismatched journalists April and Connor are caught up in a conspiracy to die for, investigating devastating revelations from beast-shamer.com a shadowy website exposing nasty government secrets. When a terminally ill patient with nothing left to lose claims to have assassinated Princess Diana, Nurse Kelly Carter dismisses him as delusional, a fantasist. But a series of sinister incidents and a lethal explosion persuade her that powerful forces are at work, determined to suppress the truth about the Establishment. As the conspiracy builds, so does the body count. It s clear that secrets can be deadly and Kelly is next in the firing line. Can April and Connor stop the murderous rampage in time?

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