Wicked Women by Dreda Say Mitchell

Wicked Women by Dreda Say Mitchell (Big Mo #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 303 KB

Classy, elegant and beautiful.
And the cruellest woman you’ll ever meet.
There’s another deadly Queen of Crime in town
Maureen ‘Big Mo’ Watson, the Queen of Gangland, gets her hands on her dead father’s plan for the perfect heist. This crime was going to be Robbie Steele’s last job before his mysterious death. Mo soon finds herself up against The Duchess, the ruthless toff who scares even Mo’s grandfather, legendary East End gangster, Jimmy Southpaw. Jimmy thinks he’s finally tracked down the answer to the question that has tormented him for years? Who killed his son and heir, Robbie?

What everyone thinks they know is blown away in a storm of violence that blasts the guilty and the innocent alike. Mo is at the centre of it all. At every turn, shadows of the past are haunting her.
Is it one of these shadows that’s finally going to put her in the ground?
Will she survive the shocking truth about her father’s death?

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