Without Sin by Rachel Ford

Without Sin by Rachel Ford (Owen Day #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 308 KB

A city in fear. A serial killer who crossed the line.
The Nursery Rhyme Killer took his brother. Now Owen Day will stop at absolutely nothing to find him.
A brutal killer haunts the streets of Kennington, leaving dead bodies in his wake – dead bodies, gruesome murder scenes, and nursery rhymes. The media dubs him NRK, the Nursery Rhyme Killer.
When NRK targets his brother, ex-military intelligence analyst Owen Day taps into the skills he developed in the Army to bring the killer to justice – before he strikes again.

‘He that is without sin, let him first cast a stone…’
Owen’s own hands are far from clean. But to wrest the city from the death grip of a madman, Owen will need to confront the demons of his past.
Sometimes, a man with blood on his hands is the only one who can stop a killer.

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