Wolf War: The Twilight of Humanity by Steve Morris

Wolf War: The Twilight of Humanity by Steve Morris
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 513 KB

The war between humans and werewolves has begun.
“Does for werewolves what The Walking Dead has done for zombies” … “Full of surprise and suspense”
The days of Homo sapiens are coming to an end. A new power is rising: Homo lupinus, the wolf man.
Leanna, the self-styled queen of the werewolves, marshals her forces ready for a great battle, gathering her soldiers into an iron fist.

The army strikes back, unleashing the devastating power of twenty-first century warfare.
But werewolves are not the only enemy. Wherever humans go, evil walks with them.
In the struggle for survival, strange alliances will be forged. The strong and the brave, the foolish and the wicked – all will play their part before the battle for London is over.

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