World War III by Heath Jannusch (ePUB)

World War III by Heath Jannusch (The End of Time Chronicles #2)
English | Science Fiction | EPUB | 573 KB

Less than a month after millions of people disappeared in a phenomenon known as The Vanishing, the earth is shattered by a series of nuclear explosions. As war spreads around the globe, every nation becomes entangled in its’ web of destruction. Realizing their enemies are vulnerable, the Communist Muslim Coalition launches an assault on North America; and with its’ power grid still not functioning, the United States is ill prepared for the fleet of enemy ships discovered floating off the coast. Once the most powerful nation in the world, it isn’t long before the sleeping giant finds its’ borders overrun and its’ citizens fighting for their lives.
Like a dark shadow covering the land, foreign troops breach the coastal defenses and flood into America, forcing soldiers and civilians to unite and fight for survival. Concealed among the invading army is an elite Special Forces Unit, tasked with locating a rouge agent from the Central Intelligence Agency, codenamed Condor, and retrieving the stolen Intel in his possession. Within a matter of days the Americans’ find themselves boxed between the Appalachian Mountains, in the east, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the west; struggling desperately to hold the line. In a world full of chaos and turmoil, a small band joins forces in an effort to stop the enemies advance; but there comes a time when they must choose between survival and humanity.

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  1. A rouge agent…is that an agent in makeup? Please try to at least use the dictionary! And another thing…why do you Yanks drop ‘of’ from sentences? It is ‘a couple OF beers’ NOT ‘a couple beers’

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