Would You Die For Her by Linda S. Prather

Would You Die For Her by Linda S. Prather
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 342 KB

A mother’s love.
A dying man’s thirst for revenge.
Everything in Dakota Dale’s life was measured before and after Christian Salyer. He’d kidnapped and tortured her, leaving behind a broken body and damaged mind. She’d convinced herself she killed him, but her memory was flawed and she no longer knew what was real. She only knew she was desperate to find the truth.

Christian’s body was never found and the murders were starting again. Was Salyer still alive? Was Dakota following the trail of bodies, or were the bodies following her?
The answers were trapped behind the barriers she’d built in her mind. Until a faded photograph with a chilling message arrived on her doorstep.
Would you die for her?

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