Wounds by Risa Fey

Wounds by Risa Fey
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 435 KB

Featuring a villain as the hero…
Some angels want to help mankind. Enzo isn’t one of them.
Enzo is a demon who works for the Fel, a corrupt syndicate of supernatural creatures that are hostile to mankind. When an enemy faction of fallen angels, who call themselves the Unfallen, take the leader of the local werewolf Pack captive, Enzo is sent by his boss, the dreadlord, on a secret mission to win the enemy’s trust and set the imprisoned alpha free.
But a temperamental agent of the Unfallen correctly suspects him of a hidden agenda. Enzo must pretend otherwise by fighting alongside his enemies and pledging allegiance to the so-called greater good. And to make matters worse, he might have accidentally fallen in love–which would be a nail in the coffin as far as he’s concerned.
Meanwhile, a shocking conspiracy is brewing behind the scenes that sounds too evil for even him. Enzo must decide whose side he’s really on, but neither choice offers him an easy escape.

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