Writers of the Future: Volume 33 by L. Ron Hubbard

Writers of the Future: Volume 33 by L. Ron Hubbard
English | 2018 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | ePUB | 11 MB

What if there was a single contest to determine the most talented new writers across the genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy? What if you could find all the award-winning stories-all in one anthology?
What if you could turn the page, explore diverse new universes of possibility and see what is to come?
Welcome to the world of the Writers of the Future. Where What if IS here. Where giants of speculative fiction reveal the BEST new Sci-Fi and Fantasy of the year.

Introduction by David Farland
Moonlight One by Stephen Lawson (Illustration by Jason Park)
The Armor Embrace by Doug C. Souza (Illustration by Christopher Kiklowicz)
Envoy in the Ice by Dustin Steinacker (Illustration by Yader Fonseca)
Search for Research by L. Ron Hubbard
The Devil’s Rescue by L. Ron Hubbard (Illustration by Preston Stone)
Tears for Shülna by Andrew L. Roberts (Illustration by Rachel Quinlan)
The Drake Equation by C.L. Kagmi (Illustration by Michael Michera)
Acquisition by Jake Marley (Illustration by Ryan Richmond)
Obsidian Spire by Molly Elizabeth Atkins (Illustration by Aituar Manas)
A Thousand or So Words of Wisdom by Anne McCaffrey
Gator by Robert J. Sawyer (Illustration by Joshua Meehan)
A Glowing Heart by Anton Rose (Illustration by Anthony Moravian)
The Long Dizzy Down by Ziporah Hildebrandt (Illustration by Asher Ben Alpay)
The Woodcutters’ Deity by Walter Dinjos (Illustration by Chan ha Kim)
How to Become an Illustrator by Larry Elmore
The Dragon Killer’s Daughter by Todd McCaffrey (Inspired by Larry Elmore’s Crimson Dawn)
Useless Magic by Andrew Peery (Illustration by Hanna Al-Shaer)
Adramelech by Sean Hazlett (Illustration by Aituar Manas)
The Fox, the Wolf, and the Dove by Ville Meriläinen (Illustration by David Furnal)
The Magnificent Bhajan by David VonAllmen (Illustration by Chan ha Kim)
Notes on Art Direction by Bob Eggleton

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