Wrong Turn by Toby Neal

Wrong Turn by Toby Neal (Paradise Crime Mysteries: Lei Crime #14)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 315 KB

https://dropgalaxy.in/w2aqa3w15jv9A wrong turn on vacation has deadly consequences. Twenty-one-year-old Lei is looking for a good time in Mexico. Blowing off steam after a tough semester, Lei and her friend Kelly hit the border in a red Mustang convertible; but a series of deadly misadventures unfold that will change Lei’s life forever.

A dog can change everything. Affected by the events in Mexico, Lei adopts a young K-9 dropout to guard the home she shares with her aunt. They try to stop a series of neighborhood robberies, and Lei discovers the scariest thing of all… how far her dog Keiki will go to save her life.

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