Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Guy Rosmarin

Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Guy Rosmarin
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 1 MB

In 1941 Hitler spearheaded the Axis Powers war campaign on a sure path to victory and world domination. Late June of that year, Germany initiated Operation Barbarossa, invading the Soviet Union and diverting the core of its military force to the east. Launching the eastern front proved to be the single most detrimental blow to an otherwise nearly flawless military campaign and consequently cost Germany the war.

Sixty years later, a young historian is on the verge of unravelling the truth behind Hitler’s preposterous decree. Years of research have led professor Andy Spencer to believe a group of top Nazi officials and members of Hitler’s inner circle were behind the decision to invade Russia. The reason? So that Germany would eventually lose the war and the world would be saved from Hitler’s fascist dominance. But before he goes public with this groundbreaking revelation, Andy needs a proof – a living testimony that would give his theory the seal of legitimacy. Problem is, he is running out of time and sources. He is arranged to interview an ex-Nazi fugitive, supposedly one of the last living witnesses who could support his thesis. But when they meet, the old Nazi swears he recognizes Andy from the war and collapses under the strain of emotional burden before giving him anything of substance.

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