Zombie Lake by Javan Bonds (ePUB, MOBI)

Zombie Lake by Javan Bonds (Still Alive #1)
English | 2016 | Horror | 771 KB

Mo Collins hasn’t gotten very far in life. In fact, the End of the World has come. Not an alien invasion or a planet destroying comet, but you guessed it: The Zombie Apocalypse. He’s living on a replica pirate ship, The Viva Ancora that is currently docked on an Alabama lake, fifteen miles from his hometown.
In this now dead city, Mo spends his days eating nothing but fish, and attempting to make conversation with his anti-social crewmate, Crow.
There hasn’t been much to look back on over his past twenty-nine years, so, you would think a stampeding horde of naked blue nocturnal zombies defecating everywhere and infecting every living being would provide some high intensity heroics, a big chance at some real adventure—slaughtering the undead, rescuing damsels, that sort of thing.
What Mo finds instead is far more intriguing, opens his life in bigger ways, and is a lot less messy.
Destiny’s a bitch, and soon saddles Mo with an unlikely prophet who labels him the Hero. It’s hard to swallow at first, but the longer Smokes’s divine forecasting plays out exactly as he says it must, the more Mo and his growing number of crewmates accept that in an Apocalyptic situation, fate sometimes deals everyone a hand to play.
Working together isn’t easy, but neither is saving the world.

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